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ProductCenter PLM AutoCAD Mechanical 2012 Integrator

ProductCenter PLM AutoCAD Mechanical 2012 Integrator

The ProductCenter® AutoCAD and AutoCAD Mechanical Integrator isyour conduit to ProductCenter PLM (Product Lifecycle Management)on your CAD desktop. ProductCenter provides a fully integrateddesign environment of all your CAD resources and associated productdata, along with flexible change and configuration management,workflow to automate product processes and reviews, andcomprehensive bills of material (BOM) management. ProductCenterhones your competitive edge, streamlining product data andprocesses to deliver significant improvements in development cycletimes, cost and quality.

ProductCenter Integrators are fine-tuned to take advantage ofyour CAD application?s unique features, for example, with AutoCADproviding the ability to insert blocks and X-References directly fromProductCenter and the capability to manage embedded images anddocuments supporting Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) as part ofthe configuration.

In this brief introductory video, we will demonstrate using the ProductCenter PLM Integrator for AutoCAD Mechanical 2012 in a typical Design scenario.

  • Store, retrieve, and control AutoCAD andAutoCAD Mechanical drawings, assemblies, parts,and other product data
  • Manage version/revision changes
  • Automate business processes such as ECO/ECNapprovals
  • Facilitate enterprise-wide collaboration
  • Adhere to regulatory requirements such as ISO, SixSigma, and FDA