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CADRA Connectors for Aras Demo

 CADRA Connectors for Aras Demo
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The CADRA Connectors for Aras from SofTech Inc. is your conduit to Aras Innovator Product Lifecycle Management from your CADRA desktop.

The CADRA Connector is fine-tuned to manage Aras Part and CAD Documents for your CADRA Drawings.

Just a few of the Connector highlights include:

  • Direct connection between Aras Innovator and CADRA
  • Project-specific Control of CADRA Drawings
  • Register, Store and Retrieve operations to manage your CADRA documents as Aras CAD Documents and Parts
  • Bi-directional CADRA Property to Aras Property Mapping for Aras CAD Documents and Parts

In this brief overview video, we'll explore how the CADRA Connectors for Aras enables secure vaulting, fast and efficient searching and managed retrieval of your CADRA drawings.